Sunday, January 18, 2009

About On-line marketing promotion

One of the key things that make businesses flourish is advertising strategies. In the past, most companies would shed off millions and even billions of money just to get quality and an extensive reach among customers. To name a few, we have Pepsi, Coca-cola, Colgate, Clear, among others. World-wide and internationally acclaimed celebrities would do the promotion for you and they would do so for a certain amount of time depending on how much you could afford. Now, where do business run by a pocket-size entrepreneurship come in? How could they match to these big names in the business world? Are their businesses doomed to kingdom come? Ages ago, the answer to that question may have been yes, but now, OF COURSE NOT, thanks to on-line marketing promotion.

Possible Disadvantage

Others might say that on-line marketing promotion is not as ideal as how many people describe it. They would reason that before they discuss the efficiency in delivering messages, they should take into consideration the availability of technology in order to access on-line advertising strategies. For them, not all people can access all on-line marketing ads because of their lack of appropriate Internet connection and/or computer hardware/software. In comparison, this problem is much easier to solve than the problem that most businesses have in traditional promotional strategies. Soon, with the growing and evolving demand for the Internet, fast and secure Internet accessibility will be soon available.


Compared to one possible online marketing promotion set back, there are three major things that make on-line marketing promotion stands out and makes it very enticing among both the business tycoons range to its extreme counterpart, the novice businesspeople?

  • It is very affordable

    • Compared to traditional approach in marketing, on-line marketing promotion offers a far affordable price. Hiring a content writer, a link builder and a web master at the same time (or even one for each job, if you like) and more (name it, you can, a lot of people actually offer these kinds of services nowadays) would not stand comparable to how much you pay Britney Spears to appear on 5-second commercial holding a Pepsi can and a soccer ball.

  • It is very accessible

    • If you have Internet connection and you know what blogs and links are, then you can actually do your own on-line marketing promotions. Studying this doesn't need any MBA degrees or in-school education – all you need is some patience to learn and perseverance to achieve what you intend to achieve.

  • It is very effective

    • This marketing media actually answers one of the most fundamental questions of advertising. How many customers will this promotional campaign reach? On-line marketing promotion has a world-wide range of expected clients with a direct advertising approach. Unlike television, radio and print that are limited and costly, on-line business advertising stays as long as the need demands it, and reaches hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions of people depending on the person's promotional strategies.

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